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I took Louisiana Studies in 8th grade like most folks around my age did. In Junior High School... NOT Middle School! Now I don't want to just give my age away, but I graduated high school in 1992 if that helps you any.

Ah yes, Louisiana Studies, an 8th grader's right of passage. That's when I learned that Louisiana has 64 parishes while attending Cope Junior High in Bossier City. We also learned why Louisiana has parishes instead of counties (boundaries were defined by church territories) and about the peculiarities of Napoleonic Law, the Civil Code established by the French emperor in 1804.

So what are some of the fun facts about Louisiana that only someone who took Louisiana Studies might remember? Let's review!

1. Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana, but did you know that Shreveport served as the state capital from 1863 - 1864 during the Civil War?

2. Louisiana's state bird is the brown pelican even though some argue it should be the mosquito.

3. State flower of Louisiana is the magnolia. It became official in 1900 because of it's abundance and scent.

4. Louisiana's official nickname is the 'Pelican State,' but we've also been called, 'The Boot,' 'The Bayou State,' and 'The Sportsman's Paradise.'

5. Louisiana's state tree is the bald cypress. It became the official state tree in 1963.

6. Louisiana's state fruit is the strawberry. Louisiana is consistently one of the top ten strawberry producing states. 

7. The three words listed on the state flag of Louisiana are 'union, justice, and confidence.' 

8. Louisiana's state vegetable is the sweet potato and the state cuisine is gumbo. We also have a state meat pie which is none other than the Natchitoches meat pie. You've gotta wonder why crawfish didn't at least get the title of 'state crustacean!'

9. Breaux Bridge, LA is the 'Crawfish Capital of the World' and has hosted its annual crawfish festival for 50+ years.

Hope you liked our 10 fun Louisiana facts! I'm going to have to dig out my old Louisiana Studies book. Yes, I still have it after all this time!

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