When we are young it seems as if we are in a race against time. Through our young and inexperienced eyes, we see life as getting away from us, it's moving too fast and we're going to miss out because we are too young. Then as we get older, we tend to have similar fears and concerns except, the speed of life is leaving us behind.

Growing older is a good problem to have because if you're not growing older, well you're probably not reading this nor are you too concerned about the situations we are about to describe.

They do say age is a state of mind. I also believe that maturity is a similar state of mind. How old we are says a lot about how we feel physically, how mature we are says more about our mental state. Which, the older I get, the more I tend to question.

Kuanish Rembaev via Unsplash.com
Kuanish Rembaev via Unsplash.com

Still, most of us were raised by right-thinking people who at least gave us a good direction to move in as far as growing older is concerned. Our parents allegedly prepared us for the life that was waiting in front of us and then it happens.

You suddenly find yourself in a situation that none of life's lessons have really prepared you for so you just have to wing it. Sometimes that works out, sometimes the recovery takes years. Regardless, you're not alone.

The website Reddit asked readers what "adult problems they were not prepared for" the answers are surprising, poignant, and heartfelt. I believe almost all of us have felt these feelings or at least feelings that were similar. Take a look for yourself.

13 Things Growing Up Never Prepared Us for as Adults



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