This Monday is the day where most lovers actually show how they really fell for one another. This could be for married couples and even those who are dating. I have a few ideas of some things that could be done for Valentine's Day that are pretty reasonable and not too pricey for the big day for lovers. Now I do understand that not everyone celebrates and in that case, this may not be for you. But don't spoil it for those of us who do celebrate.

Here are 5 things that I believe would be great gifts that won't break the bank for Valentine's Day.

Having Dinner for Lunch: You may be thinking what am I talking about. Well unfortunately Valentine's Day is Monday, February 14. That means in many cases some of you may not get paid until the following day. So if you can have dinner for lunch, usually the prices are a little lower for lunch portions. Many restaurants have lunch portions and dinner portions. We know most restaurants will be packed that night and most things are generally overpriced. Take that special one out for lunch and still have the meal you want at half the price.

Handwritten Letters: What is that some of you may ask? We are so busy texting and on the computer that many of us probably can't even write in print anymore. Sure you can find a card that could say what you want, but what do you think about having a hand-written letter that you write describing how you really feel about that special person. You can really take your time with it and literally pour out your heart and guess what it's free.

Home Cooked Meal: What would happen if you pulled out a few things from the freezer and whipped up a great meal? Unfortunately, I am not a good cook myself but I love my wife's cooking. But I have been known to get in the kitchen when I need to and put some things together. You can literally eat as much as you want without the loud chatter from the ambiance in the restaurants and you'll get the chance to enjoy each other.

Quality Time with Each Other: If your life is like mine, there is a lot of work that needs to get done and many of the time we are overwhelmed with deadlines and demands. Put in for that PTO and just spend the day together. This is not for a vacation or spending high prices on hotels or overpriced restaurants. Take the day and do a picnic, walk around the neighborhood or just take the time to get reconnected. We can get so consumed in the day-to-day that we forget about what's important and what brought us together.

A Little Personal TLC: I love a good massage like anyone but what about having that from that significant other. If we can keep it transparent, there is absolutely nothing like the touch from someone you love and after a long stressful week, maybe a full body massage is all that is needed to help them make it over the hump day. Who knows it may lead to a little relaxation, tensions released, and maybe a little extra.

We know that this day is for lovers, but at the end of the day sometimes it's just not in the budget. Here are a couple of other things that won't break the bank. Stores like Krogers, Walmart, and a few others have fresh flowers that a less than half the price that you would pay at a big branded florist company. There is nothing wrong with them at all, but if your money is a little short. Some of these stores could really come through for you.

What about a personalized playlist full of some of your favorite songs from when you first met or started dating. You can compile those together on a jump drive, and place all of the songs that make you think about that special person. I promise you they will love the incentive.

Enjoy your day and Happy Valentine's Day to all of the lovers out there in the world and if you're not in love yet. just give it some time and love to find you. As a matter of fact, here are some other cheap Valentine's Day gifts you may want to consider here.


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