I get it, this is the time when the green beer and the Leprechauns come out to play for the day. Many all over the world are celebrating St. Patty's Day today, and to them I applaud you. However, I don't see myself celebrating anytime soon as honestly I never have and for me personally, I don't see the point. Here are 5 reasons why I don't see myself celebrating it anytime soon.

I am not Irish:

I have had my share of green beer, but then again I am not a beer drinker, and generally just did it because that was the thing to do at the moment. I have had friends who would really go all the way, wearing kilts and more for the big day. But I think I'll pass on that and stick with my water or daiquiris unless you can convince me to try a green daiquiri if there is one available lol.

I have a little bit of green in my pocket

That is where it needs to stay. I don't see myself walking around with a dollar or two pinned to my shirt and honestly, I don't own that much green to begin with. I am far from having a fortune, but the green money in my pocket is sufficient enough for me for this day and any day going forward.

Getting pinched hurt

My mother was never a culprit for this but I remember back in the day when teachers would pinch you if you were bad and that made me never want to get pinched again. No, it is not the worst pain in the world but it is not something I prefer and if I am being honest, I bruise pretty easily.

It could lead to a tussle

The last thing I want to ever promote is violence. But if someone walks by you and pinches you, that could lead to some problems. It doesn't matter whether you know them or not, this could lead to a fight, and I am sure no one has money to blow having to secure bail for what was supposed to be something simply gone wrong.

Possible Harassment 

If you were to get pinched at work these days it could lead to more dire problems.  No one wants to bring HR into the picture, and that is exactly what could happen if the individual you pinched or keep hounding about not wearing green decides to file a complaint. In the words of my dear mother, we should all just keep our hands to ourselves.

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