If you love animals, own or used to own a pet chances are you gave them table food. Most people will slip their furry family member a little something under the table every now and then. Is that a good thing? A little treat won't hurt anything every once in a while right? Wrong.

The next time you get ready to feed your cat "snacks," it may be a good idea to see if it's safe for them to have. For example, an elderly couple that lived next door to us had 2 adorable toy puddles. They were so cute! Mr. Steve used to give them pieces of chocolate all the time as snacks, not realizing he was giving them poison. One day the dogs started vomiting and having seizures, so he rushed them to the vet and learn chocolate is toxic for most animals. Poor thing, he had no idea because they loved it. Needless to say, they survived but one of them wound up with liver disease because of it.

Just like dogs, there are many foods like bones and fat trimmings, that are choke hazards or toxic to cats. Below is a shortlist of a few foods and liquids you should never feed your feline via petswebmd.com:

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1.) MILK - Believe it or not, cats are lactose intolerant and should never drink or eat dairy products.

2.) TUNA FISH - Some cats are bananas for tuna, but a constant diet of this stuff can make them sick. A little every now and then is okay, but too much can lead to mercury poisoning or even malnutrition.

3.) GRAPES AND RAISINS - Veterinarians haven't exactly discovered why grapes and raisins can cause your cat to have kidney failure. The tiniest piece can actually kill a cat.

4.) COFFEE OR ANY KIND OF CAFFEINE - Caffeine is fatal for cats and there is no known antidote for it. This includes any type of stimulant sports drink like Monster or Red Bull, tea, colas, coffee, including beans and grounds cocoa, chocolate, and colas, and stimulant drinks such as Red Bull. It's also in some cold medicines and painkillers.

5.) CHOCOLATE - Yep! Just like dogs, chocolate can be deadly for cats, because of a toxic agent called theobromine found in cocoa. Unlike dogs, most cats don't like it but they can be persuaded if their owner is nice enough. FYI, some chocolates are more dangerous than others and they include dark and unsweetened baking chocolate. Eating chocolate can cause abnormal heart rhythm, tremors, seizures, and death.

6.) RAW EGGS - Cats can get food poisoning from bacteria like salmonella or E. coli. There is also a rare sickness that comes from eggs called avidin, and it's super bad for your pet.  could interfere with the absorption of the B vitamin biotin. This can cause skin problems as well as problems with your cat's coat.

7.) RAW MEAT OR FISH - Raw anything is not a good idea for humans much less your pet. Raw fish and meats can contain deadly bacteria or parasites. In addition, an enzyme found in raw fish kills thiamine, an essential B vitamin. A cat deficient in thiamine can suffer convulsions, go into a coma and develop serious neurological problems.

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Hopefully, this was a helpful tip that will lead to a long healthy life for you and your cat. For more info about dangerous foods, you should never feed your cat click, HERE.

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