An incident occurred on Saturday afternoon in Lake Charles, as a fight broke out in front of a convenience store in Lake Charles and it was all caught on video.

The video was posted on social media. In the video, you will see four people standing outside the store in the parking as one of the four guys is just going off punching a guy on the ground.

The guy on the ground takes hit after hit, punch after punch from a guy in the black hoodie jacket. The man on the ground finally manages to get up off the ground and you see him retreat quickly trying to get away from the assailant.

According to his post, the fight broke out at the Shell station located at 1783 North Highway 171 in Lake Charles.

We talked exclusively with the person who shot the video and we asked him what happened and where did it occur.  He said,

Shell station on MLK, not really sure what caused it, but it started inside and we pulled up to get gas and they ran outside the store. The guy on the ground was the clerk, he had a piece of rebar pipe. I went in afterward to get a beer and the inside of the store was destroyed.

Here is the fight that was caught on video.

There is no word on if anyone was arrested or charged with a crime.

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