We've reached a moment in history where people of color and every origin are rising from quietude to protesting for change. Change from oppression. Change from racism and bigotry. Change from police brutality to police working with the community. We need change if we are to survive as citizens of this great nation.

America belongs to all of us! It's heartwarming to see the unity of protesters turning out around the globe to fight against hatred and white supremacy. Folks are fired up, and that's a good thing. With all of us taking to the streets, we the people are getting some action from our government, city officials and so on. Again, it's awesome! It is proof we are better together. It's proof that when we stand up and make our voices heard, we get what we want.

That adds to one very simple act we can all do in order to make sure permanent change will come: voting. Marching and protesting are great. It's needed because things in America are really messed up. However, we got the power to make things right. We the people need to close the deal and take that protest energy and passion to the polls and vote. That was the message musical icon Stevie Wonder gave his fans around the world. He said, "A movement without action is a movement standing still."

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Sign of the Times: The World Unites Against Hatred

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