I remember a time, a very long time ago, when my mother would drag me to the "Cottage Shops" on Alamo Street. I truly feel those shops are the reason that I, being a 39-year-old man, still puts my hands in my pockets to "not touch anything" when in stores like those. I do remember there being a Louisiana Market store over there that sold coffee, and we would get ALL the free samples.

It seems there is a new little cottage shop in town, and it has opened its doors for us to get our fix of seasonal decore. Not Just Christmas is the name, and just as cute as the name is, the store is even cuter. Their Facebook page has this little mural of what looks like the holidays exploded in one picture! It's hilarious, and makes me love this store even more!

Not Just Christmas LLC
Not Just Christmas LLC

The store offers decor and things for every holiday you can imagine, and maybe even some you didn't know existed. All stocked and ready for you to celebrate Christmas, Mardi Gras, Festivus, and anything holiday you might want to run with. Their store hours are 10:00am - 5:00pm and you can find them at 525 Alamo Street in Lake Charles.

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