The COVID pandemic is sparing no one. The deadly Delta variant is sweeping through the country driving up hospitalizations and deaths among the unvaccinated. Actor Michael Jai White is the latest Hollywood star to lose a loved one in this tragic pandemic that is now in the midst of an alarming surge. opening up about the loss of his oldest son.

The 53-year-old star recently revealed during an interview with VladTV, that he is mourning the loss of his oldest son Brandon Caldwell. White explained he was only 15 when his son Brandon was born and shared that the two of them basically grew up together. His son was only 38-years old when he passed from COVID-19. The devastated actor said that his son was not vaccinated and due to substance abuse over the years, his immune system was compromised.

He said Brandon was already sick, because he was still in the streets on the hustle. “Unfortunately, the street element was very much part of his life,” White continued, “He was in the hospital for a while so it wasn’t immediate. Unfortunately, he was still out there in the streets, hustling. He wasn’t doing well, started getting on substances. He’d come out, go back in, that type of stuff.” Basically, Brandon was hospitalized when he contracted COVID and he wasn't strong enough to beat it.

Losing people we love is never easy. Our deepest condolences to Michael Jai White and his family.

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