The good news is Democrats have flipped the Senate, and while this should be a moment for celebration, I am appalled at what I am seeing on television. Obviously, Trump supporters thought it would be a great idea to storm the capitol and not only place themselves at risk, but also others.

Regardless of what side of the fence you are on, the travesty of justice that has been displayed has shown the ultimate example of thuggery. We have literally been overlooked, tear-gassed, beaten, and killed for trying to live in a country that at times was not good to us at all. Through it all we still fought for our rights to vote and continued to push the importance of getting out and voting, and Georgia helped seal the deal.

The truly sad thing about what happened in D.C. yesterday is the fact that the entire world is looking at us. There is no shining moment or proud moment for them to see. What they see are people who are running wild in the streets and causing havoc and harm with no consequences. Unfortunately, the video message sent out by President Trump did absolutely nothing to truly diffuse the situation. It was the equivalent of giving you a Band-Aid while pouring alcohol on the wound. This is not what we need to see in the world. We are supposed to be the example for others to see, but we have become the laughing stock in many people's eyes.

If this has not shown you anything else, it should be that our votes do matter and on top of that, we have a lot of power with our votes and voices. Don't be swayed to think differently or be detoured from doing what's right.

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