Now at a 70% chance of forming according to the National Hurricane Center, there is a disturbance making its way toward the Gulf of Mexico. The Hurricane Center is stating the conditions around the disturbance are becoming more in line with allowing the disturbance to form into an actual storm. As it does, it will move over Cuba by Sunday, then toward the southeastern Gulf of Mexico at the beginning of next week. The chances over the next five days of forming are highly probable, with a continued 70% chance. The question on everyone's mind: should we worry?, NWS, NWS

According to meteorologist and channel changer, Ben Terry, we should not really be concerned with this storm impacting our area of the Gulf Coast. According to his latest update, the storm should be pushed east as we receive our cold front. This front will push the storm east and into Florida, and should not affect us one bit here at home. Obviously, all of us here in SWLA and SETX are extremely gun-shy when it comes to seeing storms, not to mention the random fakes and old reposts of storms we have already had that are circulating around on social media sites.

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