The news was released earlier this morning that after a rant on Instagram, Wide Receiver Antonio Brown was asked to be released from the Oakland Raiders and was unceremoniously given the boot from his contract which saw him losing all but about a million of his $30 million dollar contract.

There were obviously critics from all sides who basically said he got what he asked for and called him a troubled player. However the day is not even close to being over and it seems that someone else wants to give him a chance as the 2019 Superbowl Champions New England Patriots picked Brown up for a one year contract up to $15 million and $9 million guaranteed.

I have seen excited Patriot fans who says that he is going to do wonders for an already certified team in the upcoming season.While this is now his third team in under a year. I am hoping that he will show them what he is made of and makes the nonbelievers believe.

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