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How people find the time for all these abstract searches is beyond me, but recently Zippia published the findings of one of those searches. The subject this time? People's biggest pet peeves. And how did they set out to find out what those were? Someone went through an entire year's worth of Google searches to see what the most common pet peeve was in each of the 50 states.

And the overall winner is Slow Internet! Yep, that was the number one pet peeve that people have in fifteen different states. It even bested burping, which was tops in eleven states.

Littering made the list and so did public displays of affection. But, it was when I read that bragging was tops in five states including Louisiana, that the train came off the tracks for me. Bragging was number one for the Bayou State? How could that be? We have so many other great things to choose from, so how could that be the best we can do?

I mean, I agree that arrogance or bragging is a big problem for me as well, but is it really the biggest complaint that we have in Louisiana?  Don't we just hate stupid people? And people that always have to tell us how it worked for them up in Des Moines?

What about potholes and people not using their blinkers? There are so many to choose from.

With that in mind, I wanted to list what I think are the real winners.

It's Louisiana's Five Biggest Pet Peeves

Louisiana's Five Biggest Pet Peeves

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