As we are coming off of the recent announcement of Kamala Harris as the VP choice for Joe Biden, there is excitement in the air that is, unfortunately, being drowned out by those who are trying to tear Kamala down. Many of those are within my community, who are stuck on her past political decisions. There are no people who are immune to things that have been done in the past that we are not proud of. However, over the years comes growth, and most of us have grown in more ways then one.

Now on to my question. Are we truly united in America? The reason I ask this is because there is too much division in this world. Racism has been around forever and regardless of how we try to overlook it, it is not going anywhere. I am a firm believer that you may not be able to change a racist mind, but you can catch the next generation and have conversations with them about why we are all one. We have a president who has no sympathy for those in the Black community. Some may disagree, but this is what I see.

If there was compassion, we wouldn't be labeled as "thugs" while our white counterparts who do the exact same crimes are labeled as troubled or misguided. How can a race of people truly think one is superior to the next, when at the end of the day, we all bleed and supposedly serve one God?

The coronavirus pandemic has people willing to fight someone for asking them to wear a mask when going to the store, yet wearing a mask correctly has helped to tame the spread of the virus in many places. Why is it that when welfare, public assistance, or government funding are mentioned, they are associated with the Black community? I have never seen so much divisiveness in the world, and yet our president does not to denounce those on the wrong side of the law.

At the end of the day, we have to coexist in this world as we all bring something to the table and have talents that could benefit each other, but we must demand and ask for the same respect and courtesy that is allowed to others. Why is it that we can't have a peaceful protest without a racist remark being thrown around? Even worse, having local businessmen or women who benefit from our community speak on doing harm to those protesting?

It is time for a change, and that finger you use to type or text is all you need to help move this country forward. It starts with a vote and not only on the national front, but locally as well. In November, please take every initiative to go and vote for change and then, possibly, we all can truly be United in America.

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