Multiple students killed and an officer wounded in shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas.

3:45pm: It has now been confirmed that ten people were killed and one officer was wounded in this morning's shooting. The suspect, Dimitrios Pagourtizis, has been charged with capital murder and aggravated assault of a police officer.

The officer, John Barnes, is a retired Houston Police Department officer. He is in critical condition at this time. Five other wounded individuals were transported to area hospitals.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said a shotgun and a .38 revolver were used in the shooting. Both weapons were legally owned by Pagourtizis' father.

Galveston County Sheriff's Office

12:30pm: CBS is reporting that law enforcement has identified 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtizis as the shooter in custody. This is the same individual identified earlier by students at the school.


12:10pm: The identity of the suspect has yet to be confirmed, but students from the school have identified an individual and were leaving various comments on his Facebook page before it was taken down. The following photos were found at that account prior to its removal.


11:30am: Chief Jeff Powell with the Santa Fe Police Department said their primary focus is to evacuate all students and unite them with their families. He also confirmed that there have been explosive devices found in the high school and in the area surrounding the high school.

11:18am: The primary suspect's identity has not been released, but is said to be a 17-year-old student at the school. The second suspect detained is reportedly also a student.

A teacher pulled the fire alarm to alert the rest of the school during the shooting. Two students also reported that they saw a kid with a gun pull the fire alarm, as well.

11:03am: An officer on the scene reportedly discovered explosive devices, including a live pipe bomb. Law enforcement is currently sweeping a mobile home for possible explosives, which is located at the address of the suspected shooter.

Initial reports indicated at least 8 people were killed, but new reports suggest that number could be as high as 10.

Three people are currently being treated for injuries at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

10:32am: According to the school's assistant principal, Cris Richardson, one suspect, believed to be a male student, has been arrested. Harris County Sheriff, Ed Gonzales, reported that a second person has also been detained.

The shooter opened fire in an art class this morning, with shots first being reported around 8:00am.

Reports are that at least eight people have been killed with more injured who are being treated at a nearby hospital in Galveston.

Witnesses have also said the shooter threw explosive devices into a classroom, which is currently being investigated by law enforcement.

Santa Fe ISD released the following statement on its website:

This morning an incident occurred at the high school involving an active shooter. The situation is active, but has been contained. There have been confirmed injuries. Details will be released as we receive updated information. Law enforcement will continue to secure the building and initiate all emergency management protocols to release and move students to another location. All other campuses are operating under their regular schedules.

At this time, students from the high school are being transported by SFISD transportation to the Alamo Gym located at 13306 Highway 6. Parents may reunite with their students at this location.

The district will continue to keep you updated as information is available. Safety and communication are our top priorities.

This is a developing story that will be updated as new information becomes available.