Here’s a cool way to make a difference and build new friendships. Turns out, a few elderly residents at Gonzales Healthcare Center are actively looking for pen pals. Isn’t that sweetest idea ever? The COVID-19 health crisis has forced family and friends to visit senior family members living at nursing homes through no-contact methods to keep them safe. It’s a difficult situation that’s playing out across the country.

The staff at Gonzales Healthcare Center came up with a great idea to help lift the spirits of the elderly residents they work with. They got creative and found ways for them to have fun and took to the center's Facebook page to spread the word and invite the community to join them. Some seniors are looking for Social Distancing Bingo partners, while others are searching for pen pals. Peep the sweet images below, featuring several seniors looking to have some fun.

I think this is an awesome idea, and I hope this catches on across the nation! For now, let’s answer the call and have some fun with these beautiful seniors. For more details, call the center at 225-644-5358 or, if you’re interested in being a pen pal, send a letter to: Gonzales Healthcare, 905 W Cornerview St, Gonzales, LA 70737.

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