Who can resist a great burger?  That's a rhetorical question because the only correct answer is "no one".

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I got together with 92.9 The Lake's Sports Director Patrick Frey and we thought it would be fun to Power Rank burger joints all across SWLA.  For me, a great burger must have a flavorful patty, be slightly greasy, and have fresh toppings.

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Patrick's Best Hamburgers In SWLA Rankings:

5.  Five Guys (Lake Charles)

4.  Roundtop Burgers (Westlake)

3. Jimbo's (Eunice)

2. Cotton's (Lake Charles)

1. Maplewood Burgers (Sulphur, Lake Charles, Moss Bluff)

Honorable Mention: Checkers

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Mikey O's Best Hamburgers In SWLA Rankings:

5. Five Guys (Lake Charles)

4. Novrozsky's (Sulphur)

3. Burger Therapy (Food Truck)

2. Luna Bar & Grill (Lake Charles)

1. Dairy Barn (Sulphur)

Honorable Mention: Wendy's

Who has the best beer in Louisiana? We'll dive into that next week!

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