Well, we got Harbor Freight back, we got Hobby Lobby back, and now we get another weekend shopping store back. Big Lots is making its return to Lake Charles.

Big Lots is a closeout retailer. Meaning they buy products no longer being sold from big box stores and sell them in their store. Buyers can get large-ticket items at a much cheaper price from the retailer. It was started in 1967 and oddly enough was a large investor in the DeLorean Motor Company, oops. They actually got 100 of the cars after the company went bankrupt. That's a whole other story, however.

Nic Hunter, Mayor
Nic Hunter, Mayor

Big Lots in Lake Charles was lost to Hurricane Laura and was located in the Oak Park Square Shopping Center. The center housed Hobby Lobby, and Harbor Freight but was totally devastated during Laura and is what caused Hobby Lobby to ultimately relocate.

Now, the shopping center has been rebuilt, and Big Lots announced yesterday, with Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter that they are indeed returning. According to Mayor Hunter, the store returning equates to over a 10 million dollar reinvestment in the community and should provide over 100 jobs to the Lake Charles area.

There is no word on an opening date for the store, but the good news here is that yet another business we know and love is coming back to our area and continuing to grow our city once again.

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