The hottest new craze on social media is the new Lake Charles-based series Black Blood. It was created by Aaron (Director Fresh) Mulligan who has already made waves with his hit The Kickback and now he has the city in a frenzy with his newest body of work. I know Aaron personally and from the first time I met him, I knew that it was something about him. He truly had a willingness to want to work with and help groom other individuals to rise to the occasion. That is one of the reasons why he solicited locals from the city to be a part of his films

Another way of giving back is the Black Blood Blood Drive that will be happening on Saturday, October 30 at Lydia's Event Center aka Finesse 2336 Broad Street from 11 am- until 4 pm. They are teaming up with Lifeshare Blood Center, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Beta Kappa Zeta Chapter, and Soup Kitchen Media LLC to help fulfill the need for the shortage of blood that we are enduring in the community. You can also come out and meet the cast from the Black Blood series as well with a chance to win a $50 gift card with the winner being chosen from the Soup Kitchen Media Facebook community.

Each donor will be given a bag full of treats for your blood donation and can leave knowing that you have helped to save someone's life. Remember you must weigh at least 110 pounds. Your blood volume collected will depend mainly on your body weight. You must have a pulse rate between 60 and 100 bpm. Your blood pressure has to be between 90 and 160 and your Hemoglobin must be at least 125 g/l. Make sure that you have eaten before you come to donate blood as well and have no existing medical conditions that may conflict with what you are trying to do. Make sure you check out the latest episode of Black Blood tonight by going to Watch Director and come out for a great cause next Saturday, October 30 for the blood drive.

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