Let's start this off with our typical opening line about how two major hurricanes last year destroyed half of Lake Charles, including a ton of businesses. Okay, now that we have that out of the way, we can continue talking about a locally owned business making its comeback after months of realizing their original location was far beyond the ability to repair and return quickly.

I had heard through the food rumor mill there was a chance Buffi's Peaux Boys on Ryan Street would be coming back, but in a new downtown location. I started seeing pictures of a renovated downtown location and knew it just had to be true. This morning, I ran across an article from Visit Lake Charles that confirmed the rumors. Buffi's is coming back, and it indeed will be located downtown.

Visit Lake Charles sat down with Paige Vidrine to get the inside scoop on the new location at 345 Broad Street in the heart of downtown Lake Charles. Apparently, they are bringing daily plate lunches to the menu. Let's hope the tasso and cabbage soup is also returning. Although there is no confirmed opening date for the new location, their Facebook page does say sometime in March.

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