If you would like to clear your criminal record and remove certain convictions, dismissals, or acquittals from your record here's your opportunity. The Calcasieu Parish District Attorney, Stephen Dwight started a new program fresh start program called the New Day-Expungement & Name Change Event. It is only open to people who have offenses that occurred in Calcasieu Parish.

Applications are now being excepted online now through May 2, 2022, and can be emailed to newday@cpdao.org. Participants can also drop them off in person at the D.A.'s office, located at 907 Lakeshore Dr. on the 8th floor.  Please note - phone calls and walk-in inquiries will not be excepted.

Clearing a criminal record is very beneficial. You can get a fresh start to apply for a student loan, federal housing loan, gaming license, concealed carry permit, and more. The last fresh start program was in 2019 and 127 people were able to get their fresh start. Under Louisiana law, felonies that CAN NOT be expunged include violent offenses, sex offenses, crimes against minors, and drug trafficking offenses (possession with intent to distribute can be expunged). For more info on offenses that are NOT eligible for expungement click HERE.

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