Carole Baskin is opening up about her sexuality.

The Tiger King star dropped the news on all her cool cats and kittens during an interview with PinkNews.

I have always considered myself to be bisexual. Even though I’ve never had a wife, I could just as easily have a wife as a husband.

According to People, the 'Tiger King' and 'Dancing With The Stars' star "discovered her truth" during the AIDS crisis in the 80s while spending an extended amount of time with the LGBT+ community. Carole told PinkNews that she has always considered herself bisexual and suggests she might have been "born in the wrong body" because growing up she was a tomboy.

The Big Cat Rescue owner reflected on things she did as a child, calling them "male-oriented." Baskin says she never had any mothering instincts and "never played with dolls" which made her realize something was "different."

Carole says she finally put her finger on it in the 80s when she was dating a psychologist who was immersed in the LGBT+ community. It was then Carole says she realized she had the same feelings for men and women.

Carole is currently on her second marriage to Howard Baskin after the mysterious disappearance of her first husband Don Lewis, a controversial incident that law enforcement is revisiting after the popularity of Tiger King sparked authorities to reopen an investigation on the cold case.

Oh, and as far as what Carole Baskin thinks of fellow LGBT+ community member Joe Exotic: "he's "NOT a good ambassador for the LGBT+ community."

We'll be sure to update this story with Joe Exotic's inevitable reply to Baskin's latest news.

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