SWLA has seen its share of setbacks for residents and infrastructure. For a while, it didn't look like this area was going to revive itself at all. As it turns out, the people in Louisiana are resilient and it's going to take more than double hurricanes and a winter storm to get us down.

Slowly, businesses and residents are getting back on their feet. As pandemic restrictions lift, another comeback story is with the local catering industry getting a new flow of much-needed business after over a year of nothing. My Eastern Star sister can certainly testify to finally seeing a positive uptick to her business orders and reservations. Tina Green owns Platinum Affairs Event Planning and Catering in Lake Charles, and she told KPLC in a recent interview her business is thriving once again.

For the past two years between the pandemic, the hurricanes, and the ice storm, she is starting to get busy again. She admits things aren't completely back to normal because the pandemic isn't over and delivery food has been interesting at best. Trust me, she's pretty creative so, I have no doubt she will make it happen. At the end of the day, business is back and that's all that matters.

I certainly wish Sister Green and other local catering businesses in SWLA continued business and success.

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