Over the past few weeks, we have seen employee shortages that have caused a lack of quality service. At the beginning of the week, we saw a panic for gas. This has caused a shortage of gas in many places. Now comes word the famous Chick-fil-A sauce is potentially the next in line.

I remember when I was in Tuscaloosa, I am sure many wouldn't recommend it, but I was on a steadfast Chick-fil-A diet. I was getting chicken strips almost every day, and I had to have the famous Polynesian sauce. I know COVID has really put a strain on the world. There are businesses that will never return but some have returned. However, they are struggling to get some of the best workers.

But not my sauces. The word is you will be limited to one sauce. To me, that is like going to get a burger and a large order of fries, and only getting one packet of ketchup. What am I supposed to do with one packet?

One thing about life is there will be times of inconveniencing, and my people, this is going to be one of those times. I am sure this is only temporary, but for the moment the shortage is true, and at the moment we don't know how long it is going to last. It's a great thing that the sauce is still available in some stores. I guess I need to go and hoard those up like people were doing with the tissues and water last year.

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