We are truly winding down to Christmas. You blink your eyes and you could almost miss the big day. Here in Southwest Louisiana, Christmas is going to be a little different, and some families are still awaiting their homes being rebuilt or figuring out how they will make it through the winter.

I got a hit the other day from a friend of mine Michael Boyer. He's the District Manager for the local McDonald's, and this guy is truly a community man. He advised me that he was able to get many sponsors and residents in the local area to help out for Christmas.

So this Sunday, they are having the Christmas For Calcasieu: A Cajun Christmas on the Bayou. This toy drive and children's event will be held at the Lake Charles Civic Center from 4:30-8 pm.

Everyone who can is invited to be in attendance. This is a drive-thru event and is absolutely free for those in attendance. However, if you would like to still donate, please contact Andrea Racca, People Helping People at 337-304-6378 or email peoplehelpingpeopleswla@gmail.com.

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