If you are a fan of music regardless of the genre, Chuck Berry has truly played an influential part in the careers of some of your favorite artists in the industry. That’s why I was excited to hear about an upcoming documentary showcasing the life of the legend. The news came out today that Chuck Berry: The Original King of Rock N Roll will be released on November 27.

Chuck Berry is proclaimed the Granddaddy of Rock and Roll and features appearances from Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper, and Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. I am a music fan from way back. Over the weekend, I was listening to Marvin Sease, who was a legendary Blues artist in the game with a Gospel background from Carolina.

We lost the musical legend in 2017, but his impact on the music community will last forever. I am excited to see this, as this man single-handedly inspired music from Elvis Presley, Little Richard, and many others. I remember coming up when music wasn't as categorized as it is today. We have so many different formats of music, when before everyone listened to everything.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming release. Be prepared to enjoy and watch with others over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

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