More construction set to place in Lake Charles as the construction on a project in the Wastewater Bain A-04 is set to begin on Monday, March 19, on the North side of the city. It will provide an "area to rehabilitate sewer lines", said a media release from the City of Lake Charles.

Letters are being sent out by Horseshoe Construction, the contractor performing the work, notifying residents about how the work will affect them in the area.

“The work is part of a multiyear maintenance program to repair sewer lines in order to eliminate stormwater infiltration and reduce the City’s treatment costs,” said Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter.


Stacy Dowden, City of Lake Charles
Stacy Dowden, City of Lake Charles

The project will reportedly last 9 months in the area between Fitzenreiter Road south to Interstate I-10, and between N. Shattuck Street to N. Malcolm Street.  Motorists should expect street closures and drive with caution in construction areas, as well as be aware of posted detours signs.

Need more information? Contact Stacy Dowden, Asst. City Engineer, at 337.491.1490.

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