Over the past few days, Lake Charles College Prep has been in the news with multiple reports of threats beginning this past Friday, Oct 29 up until yesterday. The CPSO has been working tirelessly in order to come to a resolution for the problem and find out who was behind the threat to the school, faculty, and its students.

Today, there have been developments as the person of interest is a 14 - year old student of LCCP. After interviewing the student, it was revealed that the young lady stated that she was behind creating one of the threats to the school. Further investigation lead to a trace of the IP address that was obtained and traced to the home of the students.

She was arrested and is currently booked in Juvenile Detention with more charges to follow suit. Sheriff Tony Mancuso stated

"We have a zero tolerance when it comes to threatening harm to other students along with the faculty at our schools in Calcasieu Parish.  It is not something that is taken lightly"

This is nothing new as Sheriff Mancuso also stated that there have been 7 arrests made since the beginning of the year and those who are found guilty will be charged.

At t his moment the case is still open as there could be more arrests and charges to come behind this incident. I would advise any student to not take this lightly as we are living in a time where threats are not jokes and while it may seem like a little funny humor. You should not try this as it could cause harm to others and an inconvenience to them which could include time in detention or in jail.


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