The video of a Black customer in a New Jersey Victoria’s Secret at the Short Hills Mall goes viral after she gets attacked. The video starts where a verbal dispute between to two women goes left. You can see 'Karen' charges the Black customer. How she maintained her calm I don't know, for that matter how she continued to film the incident is a wonder. 'Karen' was pissed about something and tried to attack the women behind the phone, until she realized she was being filmed. Soon as she seen the camera, her whole demeaner changed and she went from the aggressor to the victim. It's crazy!

Mind you, the woman who filmed all this has skillz! Cause she was filming without any fault that's for sure! All jokes aside though, I think the video was disturbing. It shows how long everyone was willing to put up with 'Karen's' behavior. Why? This grown woman screamed, hollered, fell on the ground, and had a complete temper-tantrum. All of that, after she tried to attack someone else?! No one told 'Karen' to get herself together or to simply stop. The store manager tried a few times, bless her heart to no avail. Unbelievably, at least two people in the video told the Black woman to stop...asking her to stop filming and leave 'Karen' alone. How did she become the bad guy?

Jersey Police did respond to the call and when they arrived, the store manager reported the crazy woman. Unfortunately, they still didn't walk the 'Karen' out of the mall. Instead, the officers told the actual victim, they could do nothing about her being assaulted. That if wanted she could file a complaint at the Jersey Police Station. Wow! Did they officers get it right? What are your thoughts?

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