With all eyes on the Gulf, we have the latest information on the tracking of "Potential Tropical Cyclone Two" and what it means for SWLA.

Currently, the storm is moving west at 5mph and the wind speed hasn't changed in the last few days. It's still clocking around 30mph.

Even though it's still too early to tell the true path of this storm, the latest NHC update is a temporary sigh of relief for SWLA. According to the storm trackers at the National Hurricane Center, it seems that the storm will turn more northward shortly and head to landfall between Lafayette and New Orleans, possibly a near direct hit for the Baton Rouge area.

National Hurricane Center

That doesn't mean that we're out of the woods, though. Our listening area could see winds in excess of 30 to 40mph and gusts up to 60mph.

National Hurricane Center

The biggest impact of this storm on SWLA will be the rainfall. Our listening area is predicted (at this time) to get 4-6 inches of rain.

As you can see below, New Orleans isn't going to get a break. They're already experiencing flooding on an epic level, and they likely have another 15 - 20 inches of rain to look forward to in the coming days.

National Hurricane Center

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