DaBaby was in NOLA as one of many artist performing at the Freewater Block Party on Saturday September 28. Roughly 30 minutes into his set TMZ reports the rap star jumped into the crowd, a signature stunt he's known for, when out of know where a fan punches him in the back of the head. TMZ slowed footage capture by another fan in the crowd reach in among the overly excited fans and strike the Carolina rap star in the head. The video also catches the bodyguard, known as Kane, delivering a blistering response.

As seen in the footage above the security pummeled the fan, whom later needed medical assistance. According the bodyguard it wasn't until he seen several comments on social media condemning him for hitting a woman, that he was even aware what happened. The security guard posted a video on social media to defend his actions. He stated they appeared to be a man, and conducted themselves as such when they punch DaBaby in the head.

Kane says it wasn't his intentions to hit a woman, but he had to protect his arrested. It's unclear who this woman is, nor if she's going to sue the security guard. Unfortunately for Kane this isn't an isolated incident, this has happened before. To make matters worse last month DaBaby's security beat the brakes off a fan for touching DaBaby's chain in Des Moines, Iowa, they also put a fan in coma for allegedly asking for an autograph.

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