Fans of the Dallas Cowboys got some disturbing news last night at about 8 pm. Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones was reportedly involved in a car crash in the Dallas area at that time last night. While details are still coming in, what we do know is that Jones was involved in a crash in the area of Wolf and Harry Hines Boulevard.

According to media reports out of Dallas, it has been confirmed that Jones was involved in a crash and he was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital. At the time, his injuries were not thought to be serious or life-threatening.

Parkland Health via YouTube
Parkland Health via YouTube

A source close to the story suggested that Jones's trip to the hospital was more of a precautionary move and that the 79-year-old owner of the Cowboys was not injured seriously. In fact, Stephen Jones, the Cowboys Executive Vice-President and Jerry Jones son told reporters via a text message that his father was treated and released and was resting comfortably at his home.

Dallas Police did not offer further details on the crash citing departmental policy. A spokesperson for DPD said names and accident details are usually not released unless the crash involves a fatality. It is not known at this time if Jones was driving the vehicle that was involved in the crash and if other vehicles or individuals were involved as well.

This is a developing story and we do expect to have more information later today.

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