Today in Tha Wire, it's mo money, mo problems for Jay Z. Allhiphop reports an athlete on his Roc Nation Sports roster is suing the music mogul for allegedly deserting him after he got hurt. Boxer Daniel Franco claims Hov did him dirty and now he's more than $200,000 in debt.

In court docs on the case, the boxer is accusing Jay Z and Roc Nation Sports of being irresponsible and negligent because they booked his fights too close together. Franco claims he fought three times back-to-back within a seventy-nine day time period. The boxer says that isn't enough recovery time between bouts, and he was supposed to get a medical evaluation during that time frame as well and it didn't happen.

Franco alleges Hov and Roc Nation's negligence was a direct result of him being severely injured during his last fight almost three years ago. The former boxer's opponent was Jose Haro, and he was knocked out in the eighth round. Haro struck Franco with a devastating blow that left him in a coma.

Franco was left in a coma for two weeks after the 2017 fight. Now he's suing for an undisclosed amount to cover his damages, including $200,000 in medical expenses along with pain and suffering. The boxer is also accusing Mr. Carter and his company of leaving him "out there to dry" to deal with a traumatic brain injury and no way to cover the debt.

So far, Hov's camp has issued no comment on the accusations.

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