I almost couldn't sleep last night as the excitement was in me for the return of Dave Chappelle's comedy special "The Closer". During the hour-plus special we found out that this would be Dave's last comedy special for a while and the last one in his Netflix deal.

I was actually up early this morning on time to go to the gym and instead of playing some of my favorite jams. I decided to make his latest special my motivation for working out and man did it ever do its job. The one thing about Dave Chappelle is that he has a no-nonsense approach to his humor. While some take offense to it, he gives it to you raw, while still explaining why it comes off that way. I literally laughed from the beginning to the end and exceeded what I expected to do in the gym today.

He talked about his relationship or lack thereof with the LGBTQ community, he talked about the fiasco involving rapper Dababy, and spoke of a transgender comedian who he'd befriended until they took their life a few years ago. I will tell you this much, if you are in need of a no-filtered laugh without casting judgment, this may be your ticket for an eventful evening.

While I am still disappointed that Dave is calling it quits temporarily. I am sure that he won't be gone for long. He has lately been on tour with Joe Rogan and has really been releasing the comedy back to back. He has truly come a long way from the skinny comedian that we all grew up with from Half-Baked and other earlier movies in his career.


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