If you're planning on taking the family on a road trip to the house that Mickey built, get ready to pay a nightly fee just to park your car...at your hotel.

Beginning March 21, 2018, Walt Disney World resorts will begin charging a nightly fee for parking, according to wdwinfo.com. This applies to vehicles parked in the hotel parking lots, rather than the parking lots of the theme parks themselves.

Value resorts will charge a $13 fee each night of a guest's stay, Moderate resorts will charge a $19 nightly fee, and it will cost $24 per night to park at one of Disney's Deluxe resorts.

Valet parking will also be available at Deluxe resorts for $33 per night.

For a typical 6-night / 7-day vacation package, the total parking fees for each resort class are as follows:

  • Value: $78
  • Moderate: $114
  • Deluxe: $144
  • Valet: $198

Why does a parking space at a Deluxe resort cost more than parking space at a Value resort? No one knows. Maybe they use more expensive pavement at the fancier hotels or something.

Guest reaction to this news has been predictably negative, with people questioning the need for a nightly parking fee at a hotel you're already paying a premium to stay at. Disney's value resorts are, after all, basically just elaborately themed motels, for example. They're very nice motels, but they're still motels.

Many guests are saying they'll instead choose to stay off property at more reasonably priced hotels that don't charge a nightly fee for parking, while other guests seem fine with paying a little bit more for the opportunity to stay on Disney property.

What do you think?

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