We have gone from toilet paper to Dr. Pepper shortages, it seems. The soda manufacturer is reporting huge sales on the consumer side of their beloved product. This sales jump, according to an article from CNN, is due to the doctor's fans drinking more canned and bottled products than fountain products. With restaurants either not being open or not operating at full capacity, consumers are taking matters into their own hands and stocking up their pantries with the soda. Dr. Pepper told CNN they are working diligently with their distributors to keep shelves stocked, and encourage Dr. Pepper fans to continue checking for their beloved beverage physician.

They aren't the only ones getting hit with low inventory. Aluminum cans in general are becoming scarce due to the high demand from beer and other beverage sales. Brewers are having to slow down on some products in order to be able to can their more popular products because of the can shortage.

It seems like this issue will remain until the can manufacturers can catch up or restaurants can open back up with their fountains. CNN attempted to contact Coca-Cola and Pepsi to see if they were seeing the same issue as the good doctor, but no confirmation was given.

Just remember, it's probably not wise to wipe with an aluminum can.

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