Today in Tha Wire, rap superstar Drake is makin it rain in Miami. HotNewHip reports Drizzy's been kickin it in the famous city for a few days now, shooting the video for his new single God's Plan. The track is sitting #1 already, after being released less than a month ago. Taking a page from Beyonce', Drake surprised fans when he dropped the 2-track EP, Scary Hours on January 19, 2018.

The EP came outta nowhere, but it was a welcome treat for all his fans. No doubt he's got more new music up his sleeve. In the meantime, he's soakin up some rays while filming a fresh visual for his latest #1. He's also creating quite a stir! Drizzy's been poppin up all over the city, and makin it rain. Literally!

Ever since he touched down in the M.I.A. he's been playing Santa Claus with random acts of good will...just because. The Young Money MC reportedly shot some footage for God's Plan, at Miami Senior High School. The kids couldn't believe Drake was actually at their school. Miami's Local 10 News reports Drizzy showed up in a fire truck. After filming a few clips, he took time out to say hi to all the kids, and announced he was going to fit the entire student body with new uniforms. Before rolling out he also dropped a $25,000 donation off to the office, to show his appreciation for use of the school to shoot his music video. He even let some of the kids sit-in on the video as extras! Can you imagine?

He didn't stop there! University of Miami student, Destiny James, got the shock of her life when Drake showed up to give her a $50,000 check to for her college tuition. Now that's what I call, a college plan!

Then MusicNews reports he showed up to a Miami's Sabor Tropical Supermarket, megaphone in hand, and announced he buying every bodies groceries! Talk about paying it forward. The famous rapper just showed up, unannounced and made everyone's day.

Guille Deza, was one of the lucky customers in the store and said, everybody was in disbelief. He said, "No one knew he was coming at all, we just came to do groceries. Cameras were being set up so we were all wondering what was to happen. He explained there was at least 60 customers in the store and, "He took photos with everyone who asked and shook hands. He helped people find what they were looking for and encouraged all... to buy everything they want and to fill their carts."

What a cool thing to do! Blessing Drake. Meanwhile get the daily scoop right here with Tha Wire, on The People's Station 107 Jamz.

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