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I swear, Louisiana is some kind of magnet for fast-food chicken restaurants.  There's almost as many yard-bird joints here than there are churches (the house of worship, not the fried chicken chain, get your mind out of the hen house).  Not that I'm complaining, I love chicken fried, grilled, baked, in a casserole, in a house with a mouse - really any way make it is good for me.

Now, it looks like my drive to add another poultry paradise to my roster just got a lot shorter.  According to the latest from restaurant industry magazine QSR, chicken champs El Pollo Loco just inked a deal to bring 100 more locations to the U.S. - and 2 of them will be in Louisiana!

El Pollo Loco corporate made deals with franchise owners across the country in order to expand their pecking area.  In Louisiana, that makes Listo Way Group LLC the cock-of-the-walk.  The restaurant group operates what is currently the only El Pollo Loco in the state (Lafayette), but according to the report - they're now planning locations in Baton Rouge and Lake Charles.

Unfortunately, no concrete dates for construction were laid out, nor were plans were for a Shreveport location were announced as of the time of this report.  That being said, if you are loco for El Pollo, this may still be worth the drive.

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