Police brutality has been rampant in communities for years, for decades, throughout the test of time. Those in the Black community have often spoken about it and asked for help, as many have lost loved ones because of it. As a child, I was always taught that if I were to get in trouble, don't hesitate to reach out and find the nearest officer.

As a matter of fact, I have several in my family. While I am not with them on a daily basis, I have heard some of the stories they have shared about their endeavors. I ran across this video from Deputy Clyde Kerr. He was a man of law enforcement. He was a family man and previously served in the military. But what I saw more in this video was a man vying for help.

This video was made on January 31. Within 48 hours, Deputy Kerr would take his own life. In the video, he spoke of some of his peers and what needed to be done so we wouldn't see the continuation of young Black men and women being killed by law enforcement.

While the video is troubling enough, the fact that this man left loved ones behind at the possibility of becoming a martyr for others to live is truly sad. The gap between those in law enforcement and the Black community is not something new. However, there has not been much of an effort to move things in a different direction.

My prayers are with Deputy Clyde Kerr's family. I also implore those of you who feel alone or helpless to seek help. It is obvious while watching this video that Kerr seems distressed, overwhelmed, and is crying out for help, not only for police brutality to stop but also for himself.

Remember to check on your friends and loved ones. Let's also keep Deputy Clyde Kerr's name in memory as one of the good ones who simply couldn't sit back and watch what was happening to those who looked like him.

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