It may be the most asked question in all of storm-damaged southwest Louisiana. "When will the power come back on"? It's been asked ever since Hurricane Laura shut down the power when it roared ashore about three weeks ago.

Since that time thousands of workers from here in Louisiana and out of state have worked tirelessly to bring back the electricity needed to power the recovery. Now, after three weeks of digging through "the tunnel" there finally appears to be a light at the end.

Yesterday Entergy reported that just under 50,000 of its customers were still without electrical service. That's down considerably from the several hundred thousand customers who were in the dark immediately following the storm. While the progress has been great and if you really stop and think about the task at hand, quite swift. The question about "power for the rest of us" appears to remain.

Here's what Entergy is now projecting as far as service restoration is concerned. The majority of Entergy customers should have power by September 23rd. That's one week from tomorrow. The remainder of customers who do not have power service by that time can expect the lights to come on by at least September 30th.

So, for some of our friends and neighbors that is going to mean a month and some change without power. But in true Louisiana fashion, you've made do. Just be careful with those generators and know that the lights and the power are coming. I know you can't wait fast enough.


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