Today in Tha Wire, last Wednesday (March 28, 2018) rapper Fabolous made headlines for all the wrong reasons. A heated altercation broke out between him and his girl, shoe designer, Emily Bustamonte (aka Emily B.) Police were called out to the couples home, Fab was arrested and hit with some Domestic Violence charges. Fab and Em have been dating on-n-off since 2002, and have two children together. As of March 7, 2018 things have taken a violent turn for the worse. reported the former Love & Hip Hop New York co-star, revealed details of the violent encounter that lead to Fabolous viciously assaulting her. According to an affidavit the rapper whose real name is, John David Jackson, was on a business trip in L.A. when all hell broke loose. Emily claims the Brooklyn emcee nutted up when he found out she was in the city too. Sometime during the couples visit to Cali, Fab allegedly attacked Emily and knocked two front teeth out.

Then on a flight back to New York, he allegedly sent her a text stating he would kill her with a baseball bat, but "did not want to go out like that." In fear for her life, Emily notified police and reported the previous attack, and new threats. Hollywoodlife reports court documents revealed the former reality star was worried more physical violence would breakout when Fabolous got home. According to legal docs Em called her father,  him to come to the couples Englewood, NJ home and remove two guns that belonged to Fab for safety reasons.

It's unclear as to how things got popped off, but when Fabolous returned home he was still fuming. The rap superstar wasn't happy about Emily's dad being at his house either. To two men got into a heated verbal exchange outside, and somehow TMZ managed to capture the drama on video. It's a sad turn of events. Their children were obviously very upset, and can be heard crying in the background.

Shortly after the very public verbal exchange, Fab turned himself into police. The rap star showed up to the police precinct with his lawyer on Wednesday, was booked and charged with two felonies: aggravated assault and making terroristic threats. Before being allowed to leave, he was cited and issued a court date to answer to the charges. HipHopDX has more details on this story below:

Hopefully they can get it together for the sake of their beautiful little boys, or leave each other alone so they all can have some peace. It's a crazy situation, and as I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, get the best in entertainment news weekdays with Tha Wire on The People's Station 107 Jamz.



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