Today in Tha Wire Bronx rap diva, Cardi B, is being sued by a fan who got roughed-up by her bodyguards last May. According to Allhiphop, Giovanni Arnold got his wig split by 3 bodyguards when he tried to push-up on Cardi as the rapper was trying to leave the 2018 Met Gala in New York.

Every year in May the Costume Institute Gala at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art holds the biggest fashion fundraiser on the planet. Cardi was on the scene with just about every star from the realms of fashion, film, and music. The raptress was wearing a beautiful gown and headpiece by Moschino, and was among the best dressed that night by the way. She was also 7 months pregnant at the time. So after wearing the incredibly heavy gown and headpiece and walking around stilettos with swollen kanckles all day, Mrs. Cephus was looking to exit the scene to sit down.

Below is video of the inncident. You can hear Arnold complaining about Cardi not wanting to give him an autograph. Then three men proceed to pummel the guy instantaneously as Cardi yells for them to stop beating the man.

Cardi's security was guiding her through the crowd  Arnold's shouting at the star would prove to be a big mistake, as the security/members of her entourage jumped on the man. Arnold was beaten so badly he was carried off on a stretcher and claims he endured massive injuries to his face, neck, back and body and his demanding unspecified ages for his pain and suffering. It's unclear as to whether or not Cardi or anyone in her camp was questioned by police at this time.

Up until recently, he was unable to get the rap superstar served. His luck changed Wednesday night when the rapper was in New York to shoot her new Netflix competition show, Rhythm + Flow. Video of the star's arrival shows someone from the crowd trying to hand her the papers. Peep the scene below.

As it turns out, the person was trying to serve Cardi with court docs steming from Mr. Arnold's little two-step with her bodyguards. The papers reportedly hit the floor, falling at her feet as she walked into the Big Apple's SOB.

Mr. Arnold is also suing Offset and the hotel where the beating took place. He reportedly waiting till now to try and serve the star, because he wanted to give her time after having her daughter. He said, The plaintiff recently explained he had waited to serve Cardi until a few months after she gave birth, "out of respect and consideration for her and her baby's wellbeing." By the way, Offset was served last year around August.

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