Over the weekend, my wife and I decided to have a date night. I picked out a movie and we had a nice dinner before it started. I have been following movie Director Deon Taylor for awhile. He has helmed a pretty great cataloge of movies including The Intruder, Meet The Blacks, and Black and Blue. All of these movies touch on a different genres and it shows the diversity that he has.

Fatale is his latest movie. It had limited release in the theaters and surpassed expectations of many during these times. I have to admit, I was wondering what the movie would be like. I knew the premise of the movie was a guy had an affair on his significant other and the melee would ensue. Much to my surprise, the movie was a little bit more than I thought.

The movie stars actress Hillary Swank and actor Michael Ealy. This was a different character for Hillary and she truly played her part. I will not give the movie away. However, I will say the twists and turns of the movie kept me on my seat. If you get the opportunity to peep out a movie since it's cold right now, I would highly recommend Fatale.

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Snow Day 2021

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