The devastation from Hurricane Laura has had about a month to sink in. For most of us, even though a month has passed we are still having trouble believing what our eyes are seeing. Fortunately, progress is being made in the storm-damaged areas of our state.

For example, Entergy is now reporting 2500 or fewer customers without power. That number is down from well over 100,000 without service in the days after the storm. People are also returning to their homes. However, many residents are finding their homes are not livable. That is where FEMA is stepping in.

FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has begun the process of moving trailers, manufactured homes, and other temporary housing units into the storm-damaged areas of the state. The agency is offering three different types of housing assistance for those affected by the storm.

You may apply for the temporary direct housing program, rental assistance, or multi-family lease and repair. The application process starts with your registration at the FEMA Disaster Assistance website.  You may also apply by calling 1-800-621-3362.

Currently, FEMA is in the process of contacting those who have already registered with the agency who meet the criteria for housing assistance. Agency administrators say the trailers are being staged in Alexandria for cleaning and inspection.  FEMA officials say they hope to be able to set up temporary housing on the same property as the homeowner's damaged home.


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