Joe Burrow the outstanding quarterback who led LSU to a National Championship during his college playing days has dropped a major status update on his current health situation. If you weren't aware the star signal caller who now plays for the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL recently had his rupturing appendix removed.

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As you might imagine surgery such as the removal of an appendix would require some rehab and recovery time. But in true Joe Burrow fashion, he seems to be ahead of the curve on that front too. The faithful in Cincy got what appears to be a bit of great news with yesterday's update from Burrow.

Burrow told the gathered members of the media that for Wednesday's joint practice with the Los Angeles Rams, the team that defeated the Bengals in the Super Bowl, he would be participating without any limitations.

@NFLfilms via Twitter
@NFLfilms via Twitter

This is good news for Bengals fans who have had their concerns ever since the star quarterback revealed he had to have his appendix removed. Sources close to Burrow said that his case wasn't a typical appendicitis case. He originally felt some discomfort and decided to have it checked out, that's when he was told his appendix showed signs that it was about to rupture.

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Now, if you slept through high school health, and aren't sure where the appendix is or what it does, here's a thumbnail sketch. The appendix is basically a pouch that is attached to the large intestines.

Its precise purpose isn't really known.

There is some speculation that it helps us to recover from bouts of diarrhoea,  inflammation, and other infections found in the small and large intestines. It's believed the appendix is a "safe-house" for good bacteria in the digestive system.

However, when it gets inflamed it can rupture and that is apparently what Joe Burrow's appendix was about to do. As far as most people go the recovery time from an appendectomy is about two to four weeks. But most people don't participate in the bone-crushing sport of NFL football as Joe Burrow does.

It's unclear if Burrow will actually suit up and see action when the Bengals and Rams meet in Cincinnati on Saturday. But there is plenty of speculation that Burrow should be just fine and ready to play when the regular season opens on September 11th. The Bengals, the defending AFC Champions of the NFL will host the Pittsburgh Steelers on that day with kickoff scheduled for Noon.

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