Mcneese State University welcomes a new coach for the upcoming season. New Orleans native and former UTSA Head coach Frank Wilson will be taking over the reigns as the 17th head coach in the school’s history.

Frank has a nice history of working with some of the best from Ole Miss, Tennessee and LSU. Now he’s  bringing some of that flavor here to Lake Charles. With the sudden departure of Coach Sterlin Gilbert, Coach Wilson will begin to working on his staff and preparing to get the fellas in line for the upcoming season.

While Wilsons time couldn’t be better, it’s unfortunate that he now has the task of repairing some of the things that were done before him including working on getting Mcneese  back into the playoffs. They are currently on suspension due to poor grades that eventually caught up with them. However Wilson seems optimistic and I am sure will turn things around.

We would like to welcome Coach Frank Wilson to Lake Charles and send an open invitation to him and his staff for the upcoming season and also send acknowledgement and congratulations for being the first African American to hold this position in the school’s history.

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