An alligator has been spotted roaming around a South Jersey town recently, and local residents are being warned to not approach the animal and to keep their pets indoors until this crisis is over.

Yeah, we know. One gator shouldn't cause this much of a fuss, but this is New Jersey we're talking about. They're not used to this sort of thing.

If we locked up our pets every time someone spied a gator around here, they'd never see the light of day or have a chance to explore the great outdoors for hours while searching for the perfect spot to finally poop so we can go back inside already. It's hot, dang it!

Anyway, authorities suspect this Jersey gator is or was someone's pet because apparently, people in New Jersey think having a pet alligator is a great idea...right up until they get too big because they're not poodles, Becky. After that, they release them into the great unknown to terrorize the town and make everyone in Louisiana point and laugh.

The police chief of Mullica Township, where the gator has been seen, shared the following video of the prehistoric monster lazily wandering around in some grass and not hurting anybody. Hang in there, Jersey! You'll get through this.

Thoughts and prayers, guys. Thoughts and prayers.

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