Ginuwine has been serenading ladies for 25 years, but he’s now ready to take on Hollywood. The R&B vet has inked a talent deal with Buchwald, an all-around entertainment company that represents artists in music, television, and film, according to Billboard.

The 47-year-old singer has been dabbling with acting in recent years. In 2015, he appeared on several episodes of NBC’s Park & Recreation. He currently stars in the Bravo reality series Your Husband Is Cheating on Us, which chronicles the behind-the-scenes drama between Ginuwine and other actors as they prepare to star in JD Lawrence's new musical play. Earlier this year, Ginuwine was part of the cast of the most recent season of the U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother.

On Monday (June 11), Ginuwine went to Instagram and shared his excitement for his new creative journey with Buchwald.

"I’m so excited I get to get all of this creative things outta my head, only artist understand what I'm saying, and to have now a platform to do what I want it’s about to be crazy," he wrote.

"Thank you, Buchwald, for seeing my vision and now making it come to fruition...shouts to Susan Barr and my man Scott Kaufman for fighting for me I won’t let you down now let’s go!!!!" he continued. "I’m so much more than just a singer and entertainer. I AM ENTERTAINMENT!!!! You all will soon see!!!"

Also, Ginuwine just released a merchandise line called Same Ol’ G, which is in reference to his 1999 song of the same name from his album, 100% Ginuwine. The singer is also developing his own signature cologne for men.

Congrats to Ginuwine on his new venture with Buchwald!

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