As things are slowly reopening in Southwest Louisiana, a popular Lake Charles golf course has finally reopened. The course wasn't been shut down because of the pandemic but due to Hurricanes Laura and Delta hitting our area and causing some real damage.

If you have ever played at the country club golf course at the Golden Nugget, you know it is a pretty wide open course but it did have some trees strategically placed all over the course, making it challenging.

If you go out to the course now, the landscape has changed as the hurricanes decided to due some landscaping of their own. You can visually see where the course took some major damage, and the crew at the Golden Nugget golf course has been working hard over the past six months to get the course back in shape and playable once again.

This is one of the most picturesque courses in Lake Charles, as half of the course overlooks our beautiful lake and the I-210 bridge. It also features several holes that run right along the water that will challenge even the best golfers, which is why people love to play this course.

The course reopened yesterday, March 10, and is ready for you to hit the links once more.

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