Louisiana personal injury lawyer Gordon McKernan will give away over 1,000 free backpacks filled with school supplies to students across the state of Louisiana.

Teenage boy and young sister with school backpacks

The law firm is thrilled to launch the Gordon Gives Backpack Giveaway, its newest community-based event. The event will provide students from kindergarten to fifth grade with backpacks and school supplies to help them succeed in school, both in and out of the classroom. The backpacks will contain pencils, folders, notebooks, scissors, crayons, glue, and other classroom essentials.

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This event, founded by Gordon McKernan, debuts at a time when inflation is placing a financial strain on families. McKernan and his team hope to ease the financial burden of the back-to-school season and provide children with the necessary tools for success.

Photo by Omar Roque on Unsplash
Photo by Omar Roque on Unsplash

To sign up for updates and learn how to win a backpack, follow Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys on Facebook or Instagram, or visit gordongives.com.

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